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People who make things…those who manufacture…either by adding or combining material, to those who cut it away in precision form are unique individuals.  Guys and gals who are doers.  This site is for them.  After being in hundreds of shops, you get to experience the myriad different ways of doing things.  Taking raw resources and making it into something.  When it comes to the world at large, these people have the largest effect, the largest multiplier on economies and the communities surrounding them.  These people are so busy at their craft, they often do not have time to seek the resources of others abilities and knowledge.  Countless questions over where they could find someone to do what they need.  This is an answer.  From your desk or phone, you can meet with like minded individuals and organizations to accomplish your goals.  An online convention if you will…either with light conversation via the social network, in depth discussions in the forums, project collaboration with documents, or searching or posting ads (for free) of your equipment, tools, machinery, jobs, or any thing that moves another maker forward.